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Am I the right coach for you?

Read what my clients think it’s like to work with me

“I cannot recommend Jude enough. She is wildly knowledgeable, creatively enlightened, naturally empathetic, listens like your Ma and coaches like you play for the Premier League! I came to the sessions with a lot on my mind and needing direction. She has helped me not only discover but ‘harness my power’ and direct my voice in a more focused way in my writing and acting. She guides you to your ‘light bulb’ moments through detailed exercises and personalised questions. When we started the process I felt like my head was running faster than my feet and I was about to career headlong into a wall. In redirecting and harnessing all my thoughts feelings and ideas I feel I am on the path to where I want to go. Thank you so much Jude. You are one in a million. The best investment you will ever make in yourself, life and career.”
Jane Kahler
Actress & Writer
The time I spent working alongside Jude has been instrumental in helping me build the skills I required to progress professionally. After listening carefully to where I was in my career, Jude was able to tailor specific work to allow me to attain my goals. Jude’s process feels so natural, always ensuring she knows where you are, that the work truly feels like it is being designed around your objectives. I now see the fruit of our labours in nearly all of my day to day professional interactions, which still surprises me. I have no doubt I will continue to work with Jude throughout my career and look forward to working with her again soon
David Moody
Screenwriter and Director

"After working in a creative field for over 15 years, I started to feel both stuck and overwhelmed. Prior to working with Jude, I was undercharging, over capacity and constantly scrambling to make things work. Jude helped bring direction and process to my business. From our first call I knew hiring her was the best thing I could have done. She put me at ease and brought positive energy to every session. I left each call feeling inspired and excited. I now have structure and the tools needed to streamline my business so I can focus on doing what I love. Jude also gave me the confidence to align my pricing with the value I provide. I am now making more money with less stress. Who doesn’t want that?! I’m so thankful to have found Jude. I would highly recommend Jude to any creative business looking to grow. She is a true gem!"

Erin McManus
“When I started my coaching sessions with Jude I was looking for a way to begin living a more productive ‘multi hyphen’ lifestyle, harnessing my entire skillset and creating a clear path to follow.  It isn’t easy to comfortably manage the commercial and artistic sides of me.  In a lot of ways, it’s a match made in hell.  I respond emotionally to everything but can squeeze commercial potential out of ice cubes in the North Pole.  I am a walking contradiction which can be frustrating.  I felt I wasn’t achieving anything.  Jude helped me. She succeeded where many others have failed in helping me harmonise my apparent conflicts.  I have a good degree, have attended business, negotiation, personal development, time management and lifestyle courses and was mentored at Ashridge Management College.  I have been in various types of therapy with wellness coaches, therapists and emotional well-being counsellors to try and live my best life.  I’ve also hugged a lot of trees but it turns out the key lay with a creative coach like Jude. She is particularly good at giving you the tools you need to find your way.  It’s that simple really.  She helps you to clearly think through and pin point what it is you actually want, and then shows you how you can get there.  She does it all with a smile, the sessions are incredibly good fun and I learnt something new about myself every week.  I’ve already taken advantage of a few top up sessions if I have a particularly tricky thing to negotiate."
Amanda Daniels
Actress & Writer
“I had a session of coaching with Jude recently and I would highly recommend it. Jude prepared a session for me in which she guided me sensitively through a creative visualisation designed to open up the thoughts and questions I am having about my creative journey. Her questions around this were sensitive yet probing and I felt supported in sharing those thoughts with her, and I felt that she was listening fully. The subsequent conversation and Jude’s very clear and practical suggestions about how to use the results to help me frame a way forward were so helpful. I came away feeling clearer, more positive and with some specific strategies to apply to my creative journey going forward. Thankyou Jude.”
Ruth Redman
“I worked with Jude for a number of months and I cannot praise her Creative Coaching skills highly enough. I was at something of a crossroads in my creative life and very unsure of what the future held for me when we began our sessions. Since then she has been absolutely instrumental in instilling me with the confidence to trust my instincts. She has helped me find my inner voice once again, and has galvanised and guided me in the pursuit of new creative highs. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and feel that her energy and passion has been truly inspired and transformative.”
Simon Shackleton
DJ, Producer & Photographer
“Having coaching with Jude helped me so much. I easily grew in confidence, self-acceptance and understanding with Jude's friendly, relaxed yet focused approach. I had some major a-ha moments that meant I was able to take leaps forward in my creative business that have led to more success than I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend Jude as an empathetic coach who can bring out the best in you and who really cares about you and your creative practice.”
Madeleine Millett
Ceramic Artist
“I absolutely love working with Jude because she makes me feel seen and heard and most importantly she makes me feel like I am enough.  She helps me see my ‘problems’ from another perspective that makes them seem less like problems and more like tiny stepping stones on the way to achieving my goals and dreams.  She doesn’t just give me answers but somehow knows all the right questions to ask to guide me to find them for myself.  I always feel like my cup is full after a coaching session with Jude.”
Sam Reece
“I was excited to work with Jude – I had witnessed the power of her work previously and had seen how much she’d supported others to move forward, become more confident in themselves and live a more joyful and creative life. On our coaching calls, her process felt so incredibly present, intuitive and seamless. I felt completely safe to trust, go with the flow and open up to myself in her presence. Jude has such a beautiful way of asking questions to help you see your situation from a new perspective. I wanted to work on my relationship with money and feel clearer about where I was at with finances. Her gentle yet insightful questioning and space-holding really helped me to recognise beliefs and blockages I was holding on to that were getting in the way of my feeling more financially free and confident.

Alongside the energetic and mindset work, she helped me to explore very practical ways to support myself in the area of my finances too, always following up to see how I got on which really held me accountable (and OMG I needed that!!) Since we have completed our calls, I have kept up many of the regular practices I put in place from that time and have more awareness around the thoughts I find coming up around money. I am now more able to distinguish the thoughts that support me from the ones that limit me, and feel so much better about money and where I am at even when my income fluctuates. I wanted clarity and that is what I have now. No longer afraid to look at my money situation, feeling worthy of receiving a beautiful income in exchange for my offerings, with a more abundant mindset and far less concern around being judged for that. Thank you so much Jude! Whatever it is you’d like support around I highly recommend Jude as a coach.”
Becky Rui
“Jude is BRILLIANT. I’ve continuously been amazed by her ability to sense the energy in a room (in a group setting), or to tune into my own state (one-on-one) and ask the right questions at the right time. She has an uncanny ability to draw out what your heart most desperately wants to be heard, so that she acts as a guide who helps point you to the answers you already have inside. She knows when to be gentle, and when to give you a much needed kick up the arse! Working with Jude I’ve felt free to express anything and know that it will never be received with any judgement. She’s brilliant at re-framing problems so that you can more easily see ‘solutions’ or different ways of thinking about them, and consequently be free to take your next humble step towards your goal or dream. I’ve always felt heard and held in her presence. She’s just bloody brilliant!”
Zoe V
“I cannot thank Jude enough. I was finding my way with my work slowly and needed someone like her to intervene and help me make sense of it all. After our session I gained a clarity like no other. I even have one of her mottos emblazoned on my wall and I wake up to it every day. I am an anxious but driven individual and as my work as an actor is freelance and so unpredictable I often supper from a sense of isolation and fear of my future. Now I genuinely feel calmer. I realise that my work life impacts so much on my personal life and seeing this I have started to really enjoy who I am and where I am and trust myself so much more. Thank you, Jude.”
Aoibheann McCann
“Being a working mum of two, running my own business and still trying to find time to pursue my acting and singing career can be a bit overwhelming to say the least! Recently I did think the creative side of me had to be put away because I just didn’t have the time to commit to it the way I felt I needed to and I thought what’s the point anyway it’ll probably never mount to anything! A lot of negativity crept in and the idea of not being creative anymore in itself made me terribly sad. It was particularly good timing when I got a chance to have a coaching session with Jude and this session helped me more than I ever thought it could. I found myself talking about all aspects of my life that of course interlinked to my present situation. As they say the proof is in the pudding – since this session I haven’t looked back. I have made time for everything that is important to me and have even brought out my first CD of songs that I wrote myself. They are now getting airplay on Europe’s leading Country Music TV channel and radio stations around the country. If I have days where I feel a little low, I just revisit that session in my mind and it always seems to help. I highly recommend Jude; she is a truly wonderful coach. Huge thanks, Jude.”
Noella Brennan
“Jude is brilliant! She has bags of enthusiasm to fire you up when necessary. She’s smart and pragmatic and held me to account when the real work needed to be done. She always managed to be several steps ahead of me and was able to offer hugely useful advice. Enthusiastic and full of confidence, she is a great person to work with. Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement, Jude. Curate.tv wouldn’t have happened without you holding me to account and making me believe.”
Angus MacPherson
Designer & Creative Entrepreneur
"Thank you Jude for your amazing insights and encouragement. My whole approach to creativity has changed for the better thanks to you. I encourage anyone who is considering taking this course to go for it. Jude has a natural gift for coaching. And as a writer, performer and entrepreneur herself, she completely understands the joys as well as the struggles creativity brings. If, like me, you rely on your creativity to make a living, Jude is the go-to coach to help you unlock your potential and open up to even greater opportunities. I’ve never come across someone so attuned to helping honour and nourish the creative spirit that lies inside all of us."
Nick Wilkinson
“After working on Jude’s in depth, eight-week course I can honestly say I feel I have reclaimed my sparkle. I had been cruising along for quite a while not sure which way to turn and feeling creatively starved. I badly need a shake. Jude’s highly insightful course jolted me out of that state and strongly reminded me of what I am passionate about. Old barriers were broken down and new ground was explored. Jude’s course pushed me out of my comfort zone and has woken me up to the fact that I can truly change what I don’t want to do in my business and instead commit to doing what makes me feel alive. As soon as the course finished I signed up for monthly top up sessions. I’m on a roll! Thank you so much Jude, I’m so excited about my creative world.”
Wendy Dynan-Gleeson
“I spend a lot of time listening to all the mind made worries and self doubts that come with being a creative person. After taking the 8 week ‘Into The Spotlight’ course, I can safely say that those fears and anxieties have gotten increasingly quieter. Jude’s way of coaching targeted my own barriers that were holding me back and basically tore them down. During the course, Jude helped me to face what it was that was preventing me from moving forward and gain a better understanding of my creative process. I shared the journey with an amazing group and we all looked forward to the weekly group calls where Jude would always create a comfortable environment. She has an amazing ability to not only listen but to really understand everything that’s going on. I could always sense her passion for what she does and her desire to help was humbling. Jude has helped me find a balance in not only my creative life but also my life in general, this is something I can’t thank her enough for. As someone who often likes to ‘go it alone’, I now realise I had massively underestimated the power of coaching!”
Will Francis
DJ, Producer
“At the turn of 2017 I felt like I had hit a brick wall. I was questioning some of the career choices I had made over the past 15+ years, doubting my ability, and ultimately staring down a road of uncertainty. I felt deflated and unsure, in a position that I did not expect to be in at this point in my life. The mental fatigue I was feeling at this point was also impacting my ability to do the stuff I really enjoy like yoga, running and music. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Jude contacted me in January and asked would I be interested in a coaching session. I was curious, and after racing around a muddy park in North London that morning I sat down for a chat with Jude in the afternoon. With Jude’s help I was able to go back and remember key milestones in my life where there was flow and excitement. We drilled down in to my preferences and ideals and how I could go about making them a reality. It was amazing to chat with Jude in such a way where I felt there was real opportunity for me to change things if I focus on these happiness drivers. In the weeks that followed I took a chance from a work perspective, spurred on by a new found motivation and ended up landing my dream job. Six months later I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the direction both work and personal life are taking. Jude has a natural sparkle and really helped me focus on the important things. The conversation was fun, insightful and most of all instilled in me a new level of confidence to take action. I would highly recommend Jude as a mentor or coach if you want to make a change and see positive results!”
Stephen McCarroll
DJ, Producer and Accountant
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