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Private One-to-One Coaching

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Let's figure out what you've been put here to do!

If you’ve found yourself staring out the window while a meeting that you don’t want to be at drones on around you, if you’ve found yourself hiding in the office loo having a silent (or not so silent) weep because you just can’t do it anymore, if you wake up most mornings wondering how on earth you got to this point; it was never part of the plan! Or even if work is kind of OK but you’re longing to fill the gaps with something more purposeful - then I want to work with you!

I know exactly how frustrating and sometimes downright excruciating it can feel, when you know that you’re made for more (see my blog on Slippers for Bats!), something more creative, something more purposeful, something more meaningful that allows you to grow and evolve into the very best version of yourself. I know how it feels to have a vague outline of an idea with no clue how to make it happen, and I also know the huge toll it can take on all the most precious relationships in your life when you’re stumbling around in the fog, desperately hoping  that your purpose will find you, merrily beckon you over with a neon pink flashlight and guide you home to yourself.

It. Is. Hard.

But you don’t have to do it alone. I am here for you, I’ve been where you are and I am ready to help you start looking to the horizon so you’ll see that flashlight when it shines. I honestly believe that every single person on this planet has a very specific reason for being here. You have a unique set of gifts and talents, a unique perspective that has been shaped by everything you've experienced and lived through up to this point. What you do with those talents might well end up being the thing that pays the bills and keeps the light on but it might not be. This is one of the things we'll explore together. It might be that you're ready to take the leap and say goodbye to the 9-5 for good, or it might be that you find fulfilment, joy and inspiration by doing something in your spare time and this is enough. Every single person is different and our work together will focus on finding out what feels absolutely right for you.

If you have a really strong sense of what might be possible for you but on a scale of 1 to 'I can take on the world!', you're scoring about a 5 or 6 for confidence right now. If doubts and niggles creep in from time to time and you find yourself questioning the route you want to take. If some days, the impostor chatter gets a bit too loud and you hold back on taking the action that you know deep down could change the game for you. If right now, it feels like the path has a few too many brambles on it, but you don’t feel like you have the tools to clear them - then let's work together! 

What kind of coach do you need?

You’re looking for a coach who wants to go on this journey of discovery with you and help you clear the brambles when you can't see the way forward. A coach who is as invested in your success as you are. Someone who will push you, challenge you, question you when the negative thoughts and self-talk creep in. A coach who can keep you firmly focused on the next step whilst always connected to the bigger picture. 

You also need that coach to have a sense of humour, to be someone who gets you, someone you is highly attuned to the whispers and desires of your soul. Every session with your coach should leave you feeling energised, inspired, focused and firmly planted in the realm of ‘possibility’.
This is where I come in. I believe that ANYTHING is possible and I believe that when we take the time to sit with ourselves, go deep and listen to what our bodies and hearts tell us, truly amazing things can happen and our purpose and reason for being emerges from the fog.  

And once you have this clarity, the route forward becomes so much clearer and you know what you need to do. You start making daily micro-decisions that push you closer to where you want to be. You start taking humble step after humble step until you reach the point where the big leap is required. 
And you know how important it is to surround yourself with people who are there by your side and cheering you on as you gear up and stand tall, ready to take that leap.

I am here to help you prepare for what happens next. I know what it’s like to dream and I know just how frustrating it can be to feel like the dream is eluding you. I also know that you are not given the dream without the tools to make it happen!

How do we work together?

Our work together is broken down into 3 core areas

The 3 Ps of Purpose, Process and Plan


Let's start with the big P - purpose. Such a powerful word. And feeling connected to it, knowing that you have something wonderful, original and totally unique to offer the world can profoundly change the way you feel about yourself.  So many of us end up drifting from our purpose. Let's make no bones about it - life is bloody hard going sometimes, and never more so than now, so in the day to day grind and hustle of life we can often lose connection to that sense of purpose and start operating on autopilot. Through the coaching experience, we want to get out of autopilot, cruising along with no idea of where we are really going, and start getting very intentional about the destination. Where exactly are we going and who will we be when we get there?

What is it that you truly love to do, or would love to explore doing? What drives you? What is it you want to achieve? What does success look and feel like for you? What will it mean to you? How will you know when you’re there? How will you celebrate the arrival? Where does the passion lie?

Confidence and self-belief is very much connected to your purpose. When you know why you have a certain goal or intention and you remind yourself of it on a daily basis, it helps to keep you energised, focused and in the right mindset. If you don’t already have a practice that supports these things, we’ll create one that works for you.


One of the most powerful things we will do together is get to know and understand your Unique Operating System. (UOS) This can be a game changer. Everyone is wired differently, and what works for one person might send the next running to the hills! You will only stick to a practice that works for you. You will only create powerful new habits that are already aligned with your values and the way you like to do things. Some people like to dive straight into the pool and others like to get into the water an inch at a time, adjusting to the temperature as they go. Both will end up swimming - and that’s what matters.

Getting to know your saboteur crew
Like everything else about you, your saboteurs will be unique to your experiences and the particular wiring of your brain. Understanding how these saboteurs operate, what they whisper in your ear as you dare to dream and long for more, and how we can manage them, is absolutely key to progress. But like everything else in my coaching, we’ll make it fun!

Reconnecting with the voice of your sage
This is the voice of wisdom, reason and compassion that will guide you to the best possible outcomes in everything you do. Many of us just choose not to listen to it! We’ll work on strengthening your connection to this part of yourself so that you can make brave, resonant choices that will keep you moving forward in a way that feels exciting and purposeful. 

Systems and process
I know, I know – not an idea that sparks joy when you initially think about it, but trust this spaghetti-brained creative when I say that implementing the right systems (and again, they’ve got to be absolutely right for you) will support everything we do together. Systems are the foundations upon which you build your success. Systems are freedom!


This is where everything starts to come together. Action is the antidote to fear so your plan will be a series of achievable, actionable steps that, cumulatively, will start taking you confidently in the direction of success and fulfilment. 

After each session we will identify actions for the following week. Sometimes I might ask you to just sit with or ponder things that have come up, and sometimes we will identify a purposeful action that will get the momentum going and let the Universe know that you mean business.

As with everything we do on your coaching journey, you decide what goes into your plan. You have all the answers and you know what’s best for you. My job is to ask those powerful questions, hold you accountable, cheer you on and get you thinking deeply about what you truly want to achieve. 

The Results

Coaching is one of the most powerful ways I know of making huge changes in your life - from the inside out. When you are willing to show up, put the work in, get curious, dig deep, take consistent action and really stretch yourself out of the comfort zone and into what I like to call the Zone of Expansion - magic happens. It really does.
You are absolutely in the driving seat of your life and your career. Yes, shit will happen and things will go pear-shaped but when you are equipped with the emotional, spiritual and practical tools to meet and respond to every challenge in such a way that it doesn’t throw you off track, you can achieve anything. I truly believe that.

It’s your time! 

Ready to get to work?

*Please note, the coach and coachee partnership is central to a successful coaching outcome. If I don’t think I am the right coach for you or don’t feel 100% sure that we can get the results you’re looking for at this particular time, we will not go further than the discovery call. Your money and your time are incredibly valuable so I want to make sure you spend both wisely on what should be a life-changing journey for you.*Please note, the coach and coachee partnership is central to a successful coaching outcome. If I don’t think I am the right coach for you or don’t feel 100% sure that we can get the results you’re looking for at this particular time, we will not go further than the discovery call. Your money and your time are incredibly valuable so I want to make sure you spend both wisely on what should be a life-changing journey for you.

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