The Reluctant Networkers Club

Our first ever online gathering

Online Zoom Call for 8 people

Starting date

Monday July 4th at 12pm


60 minutes



Let's Get Connectworking!

We are ready for the first ever gathering of Reluctant Networkers where the focus will be on Connectworking - getting to know each other, sharing insights and top tips and finding out more about what we do and who we do it for.  

I will do my very best to make this a relaxed but structured event where we strike just the right balance between doing business and showing up without any of the exhausting masks we may find it necessary to put on for other networking events.

Over the course of 60 minutes we will do the following:

  • Introduce ourselves and remind everyone of what we do and who we do it for.
  • Describe our ideal client - the people or organisations we absolutely love working with and why.
  • Share a top tip that the group might find helpful or thought provoking.
  • Share any challenges we may be facing in our business right now and what impact this is having.
  • Let the group know if we are open to a one-to-one in the coming week/s.

Ready to connect?

This will very much be an experiment and I imagine we will figure things out as we go, so please do share your thoughts and feedback and let's see how we can make connectworking a really fun process for those of us who don't love networking!

Looking forward to seeing you on the call!

Jude Schweppe

Coaching. Creative Consulting. Facilitating.
I help you figure out what it is you REALLY want to do with your 'one wild and precious life.'
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