The Path to your Purpose: From Frustrated to Fulfilled in 4 Simple Steps!


Live workshop




22nd September 7pm UK time


60-70 mins


Are you ready to leave behind the exhaustion, overwhelm and stress of a way of life that no longer serves you?


I believe we have all been born with unique and brilliant talents, with ideas and passions and gifts that will make the world a better place. I also know from experience that it can take a while for our true path to make itself known. And that there is much fog, a few nasty brambles and some well-hidden pot holes that we will inevitably stmble across as we walk this  path to our true purpose. I have the bumps and scratches to show for it!

If you have reached a point in your life where you just know there is something more fulflling, creative and rewarding that you could be doing with your time, if you are DONE with just getting through each week in order to spend the weekend in recovery, and if you are ready to dig in and do the work then this workshop is for you.
I'll be covering the following:
😟 Why you feel like you’re stuck in a life that is not the one you signed up for! (hint - it’s never too late.)

🔮 How to get crystal clear on what it is you really want to do with your life - even if you have absolutely no idea at the moment (hint - you actually do know already, you just haven’t given yourself permission yet!)

😔 You’ll learn how to identify your core values and the impact it can have on your mental health when you are not honouring those values (hint - it’s not good).

👺 You’ll learn how to identify who is on your Saboteur Squad - those annoying and seemingly ever-present voices in your head that keep telling you why something is not possible, not for you, or a terrible idea (hint - they don’t get to run the show anymore).

🤩 You’ll learn how to embrace your Sage - the true you, the joyful, fulfilled and successful you, the version of you that has the confidence to make powerful, conscious decisions that will keep you moving forward with ease and a sense of purpose (hint - this is the game-changer!).

⭐ You’ll learn how to start taking Inspired Action - no matter how small the step, each one builds momentum and proves to your brain that you really are serious about changing your life (hint - your brain gets on board and you start becoming aware of opportunities and synergies you might otherwise have missed).

✨ You’ll be reminded that ANYTHING is possible for you (it truly truly is) with the right energy, mindset, support, belief and the magic of creative thinking!

💗 At the end of the workshop, you have the option to get a discounted 1-2-1 with me to get your action plan in place and get the ball rolling for you. Normally £249, it's £150 with this workshop. 

Get Started!

Make the final quarter of the year about building a life that you are excited to get out of bed for - each and every day. Rediscover your passion, your commitment, your enthusiasm and the things that make you feel alive. Maybe it's time to rethink your job, maybe it's time to start that exciting side hustle you've been thinking about for ages, or maybe it's simply about integrating more of the things you truly love into the life you already have. Start working on a plan that feels manageable and achievable for you and discover the Path to your Purpose.

Jude Schweppe

Coaching. Creative Consulting. Facilitating.
I help ambitious and action-oriented individuals discover their purpose and find out what happpens next!
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