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Welcome to the first phase of rediscovering your creative mojo! As with pretty much everything, the first step is the hardest. As humans, despite the fact that we are programmed to evolve and change, we are also pretty damn good at staying put and remaining comfortable. 
This is why it’s so hard to get back to the gym when you’ve been away for a while or to get back on the sugar-free eating plan if you’ve had a few weeks of eating all the wine gums. The same goes for your creativity. If you’ve found yourself in a pattern of not creating, it can be a tough one to break.

Don’t worry - I am here to help! 

This 10-step course is packed with tips, inspiration and practical tools to help you get back in the creative saddle and start making again. Each step invludes a short video to introduce the topic plus some journaling prompts and questions to get the creative juices flowing and get you reconnected to your energy and inspiration. You'll need a notebook to jot down your thoughts and ideas as they come up so make sure you have one beside you before you get started.

The key to working your way successfully through each step is to take your time with it and allow yourself the space to reflect. Don’t force anything and just be open to whatever comes up. Trust your intuition, trust where the process takes you, and most importanly, have fun!

What's involved in each step?

  • Step 1 is all about your environment and surroundings. Creating a space that feels calming yet energised will really help you get into the right frame of mind and ensure that you can make a daily commitment to your creative work.        
  • In Step 2 we start to get curious! A series of 12 journalling prompts will help you reconnect to what really lights you up, what your soul is longing for, and why your creativity is such an important part of who you are.
  • In this step, we will look at how you can start to identify as an artist again. If it's been a while since you spent time with your creative self, it's time to get reacquainted!
  • In this step, the journalling prompts are here to remind you what it FEELS like to do that thing you love to do. Creating is such a visceral experience and it really helps to remember how you feel when you're in creative flow.
  • When's the last time you let yourself dream? It's time to do some daydreaming and see where your imagination takes you! You might be surprised by what your inner child remembers.
  • Give yourself permission to play and get started on a project! No pressure to create a masterpiece, just have some fun and enjoy what comes up in the process. This is such an important part of letting go and feeling your way back into your creativity.
  • Step 7 is about having a word with your perfectionist saboteur. Your first draft or piece of work is a piece of clay on the wheel - it takes time to fashion the finished creation.
  • In Step 8 we'll talk about scheduling - or as I like to say, taking a chisel to your day and carving out the time for your gifts and passions. Because they deserve it!
  • Now it's time to talk accountability - because it's just too easy to say I'll start tomorrow when you're the only person checking in on you! Who could you invite to go on this creative journey with you?
  • Ready to show up and put the work in? Is there a story or a melody floating around your head that needs to come out? Colours you're itching to experiment with? Now's the time to make the commitment!

To your creative success! 

Creative souls need creative outlets. Our wellbeing depends on it, and as the wonderful Liz Gilbert says 'when you are doing the thing that lights you up, you are living in service of the world.'

I would truly love to hear how you get on with these steps, so please send me pics or videos of anything you create as a result. I read all my emails myself and I love to connect with like-minded souls. 

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