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8 weeks to creative sparkle

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8 Weeks


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8 weeks of insight, fun, laughs, getting to know yourself, getting to know a wonderful cohort of other creative souls, and, most importantly, getting started on a creative project!

  • Have you lost your mojo?
  • Feeling a bit stuck with your creativity?
  • Have you completely neglected your creative soul as life took you down a different path?
  • Perhaps you’ve been flat out raising small humans? 
  • Are you ready to reconnect with the dreams you had before 'adulting' took over?
  • Or maybe you’ve always considered yourself to be a left-brainer and now you’re ready to explore the magic of creativity and the many benefits it can bring to your life and work.

Whichever rings true for you, you’ve found the right course.

It's time to make space for your passions and gifts.

8 Weeks to Inspiration & Action

Connect to Creativity is an in depth 8-week online journey designed to get you firing on all creative cylinders; feeling alive, excited, inspired, motivated and deeply connected to that part of you that longs to make things, tell stories, make a stand for your most cherished values and share them with the world.

What can I expect?

Over the course of the 8 weeks, you will get to know yourself at the deepest level and reconnect to what lights you up and really makes you feel alive and inspired, fizzing with creative energy. You will experience many wonderful lightbulb and aha! moments. You will laugh and have fun (and Lord knows we all need more of that right now). You will connect with and get to know a group of awesome, like-minded people who are on the same journey and, most importantly, you will create something.

It might be a poem, a short film, a piece of music, the beginnings of a script, a drawing, a painting. It might even be a business plan for the launch of your new creative business. We've had some truly wonderful creations in previous courses and it is always such a delight to see how the energy shifts and the light returns as people get going on their projects.

You have incredible work inside you - it just needs a little encouragement and nurturing in order to make its way from your heart and soul out into the world.
Connect to Creativity 8-week Group 

The course is broken down as follows:

Feedback from some of our previous Connectors

‘Thank you Jude for your amazing insights and encouragement. My whole approach to creativity has changed for the better thanks to you. I encourage anyone who is considering taking this course to go for it. Jude has a natural gift for coaching. And as a writer, performer and entrepreneur herself, she completely understands the joys as well as the struggles creativity brings. If, like me, you rely on your creativity to make a living, Jude is the go-to coach to help you unlock your potential and open up to even greater opportunities. I’ve never come across someone so attuned to helping honour and nourish the creative spirit that lies inside all of us.’
Nick Wilkinson
“After working on Jude’s in depth, eight-week course I can honestly say I feel I have reclaimed my sparkle. I had been cruising along for quite a while not sure which way to turn and feeling creatively starved. I badly need a shake. Jude’s highly insightful course jolted me out of that state and strongly reminded me of what I am passionate about. Old barriers were broken down and new ground was explored. Jude’s course pushed me out of my comfort zone and has woken me up to the fact that I can truly change what I don’t want to do in my business and instead commit to doing what makes me feel alive. As soon as the course finished I signed up for monthly top up sessions. I’m on a roll! Thank you so much Jude, I’m so excited about my creative world.”
Wendy Dynan-Gleeson

The next course will begin in March.

I know it’s not about me - it’s all about you, but I absolutely love running this course. I am continually blown away by what people discover about themselves, their willingness to explore and go deep, and most of all, the creative projects they work on and share. We have seen some truly incredible work that has been the start of even greater things and led to exciting career changes.

If you would like to jump on a Zoom to find out more, pop your details in the form and I will be in touch!

Thank you!

Jude Schweppe

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