Transformation is a Slow Burn

Jan 26 / Jude Schweppe
In the coaching world, transformation is a big word. It's what we all want for our clients and, when I was training as a coach, it's absoutely what I wanted for myself. I wanted to emerge from my training as a completely different person. I wanted to be able to gush at my graduation that the whole experience had been 'transformational, life changing, I am not the person I was when I first set out on this journey.' And when I didn't because it wasn't and I left the session feeling like I was still 'just Jude', I was bitterly disappointed.

I signed up for the transformation - where is it, you guys?

What I've since learned, and am now incredibly grateful for, is that real and lasting change and growth happen slowly, tiny step by tiny step.

You will wake up one day and realise that your mind is now working with you more than it's working against you. You will start to celebrate each tiny, incremental shift. You will catch yourself reacting with compassion and empathy and love to a shitty situation or a difficult conversation. You will start to lock the progress in.

And every time you walk out of a meeting or an audition or a presentation that hasn't gone 'brilliantly' you will give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel and then get curious about what you'd do differently the next time.

Transformation is the thousands of tiny things that you do, feel and see differently as you continue to work on figuring your shit out, being the person you want to be and reaching the levels of success you desire to have.There may be fireworks, but then again, there may not be. And we all know what happens to fireworks anyway...!
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