The Power of Daydreams

May 16 / Jude Schweppe
I have always been someone who daydreams in vivid technicolour. I see 110 possible futures for myself in any given day. I see minute details, I hear the conversations, I feel the energy of what that future might be like.

And the daydreams sustain me through the tough times. They always have. Dreaming about packing up my life, my legwarmers and my jazz shoes, and some day carving out a career as a dancer on Broadway, sustained me through some incredibly tough times as a child. That one didn't quite pan out, but I can still remember how I felt when I danced as though my life depended on it.

Dreaming about actually being paid to be on stage doing something I absolutely loved sustained me through the final two months of my drama school training, when I was so broke my room mate and I regularly found ourselves scrabbling around down the back of the sofa, hunting for loose change so we could buy loo roll. That dream did pan out. I'll never forget my first pay cheque and the sense of accomplishment when I got my Equity card.

Dreaming about some day having the time, space and freedom in my day to get up and do 20 minutes of yoga in my own office if I felt like it sustained me through years of regularly fainting on the Tube as I commuted into an office I hated being in. That one also panned out. My yoga mat is on the floor beside me as I type.

I will always be a daydreamer - it's how my brain works. See the future, hear the conversations, imagine how it's going to feel - then do everything I can to make it happen.Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works out and then I realise it's not quite the way I imagined it in my daydreams. But I have to give it a shot and I learn something more about myself each time.

Daydreams are messages from your subconscious. They are whispers from your soul guiding you to explore different paths, to stay curious about what might be possible for you.

Pay close attention to them! What do your daydreams want you to know?
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