It's OK to want more

May 18 / Jude Schweppe
On the plus side, the pastries were excellent and there was a plentiful supply of Diet Coke.

On the not-so-plus side, I was giving a presentation in a fancy hotel conference room to 20 heads of marketing from a well-known global brand and they were mostly all looking at me as though I were responsible for the death of their grandmother's beloved mog.

And with good reason.

Despite my very best efforts, the theme I was presenting on was not my zone of genius and, despite being a more than competent actress, I was not particularly convincing in the role of lead creative who knows what she's doing.

It was a truly awful experience and, though it took me another 6 or so years to actually pluck up the courage to leave a career that I had accidentally fallen in to, that meeting was definitely the beginning of the end. The fraud police were well and truly on to me.

Like a lot of my friends at the time, I had found myself doing something that I was kind of good at. I was good with words, I was good with ideas and I enjoyed solving creative problems. But, to me, it was work that paid the bills and funded my mildly compulsive addiction to buying 'statement' jewellery and shoes that had 'regret' written all over them.

It was not work that I enjoyed spending 40 hours of my week doing. It just wasn't my world and I always felt like the interloper.

I was longing for something more. And when I got past the idea that work was something that just had to be endured and could actually be something that felt inspiring and worthwhile and fulfilling, I set off on a mission to find it.

It really and truly is OK to want more.

It's OK to want to do something with your precious time and your talents that feels exciting and meaningful, that challenges you in all the best possible ways and keeps you exploring and learning and growing.

It's OK to want to spend your time with people who just get you. No explanations necessary.

It's OK to want more from your life than to feel like you're dragging your tired soul through Monday to Friday, longing for the sweet release of Saturday before Sunday afternoon rolls around all too quickly and the dread sets in again.

It's OK to want more and make no apologies for it - no matter how much that guilt monster might sit in the corner glaring and tutting at you like you've left half your veg on the plate.

It's OK to want more, and it's 100% OK to not have a clue what more looks like yet. Just knowing you're ready for the journey is a great place to start.

Everyone's more will be different. What does it look and feel like for you?
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