A Story That Needs To Be Told

Jan 20 / Jude Schweppe
'It sounds like a story that wants to be told,' is something I found myself saying to one of the lovely chaps who attended my workshop last night.

We started off talking about the joys of building LEGO models and ended up talking about something altogether more poignant.

He was generous enough to share some of his story with me and it was immediately obvious from the way that he spoke that the story itself wanted to be shared as much as he needed to share it.

He confessed that he had long thought about writing a book but had never voiced his desire out loud. Self-doubt and believing that he 'wasn't the kind of person who writes a book' had held him back.

Everyone is the kind of person who writes a book and sharing our stories is one of the most generous and courageous things we can do.

As this lovely man said to me last night, 'if it helps one person, it would be worth doing, wouldn't it? Yes it would. It absoloutely would. I truly hope he follows his heart.
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